The wit and wisdom of Coldplay .....

Double award winners Coldplay wowed the crowds with some of the best on-stage gags and speeches of the awards:

As drummer Will Champion collected the award for best act in the world, he responded to Adam Ant’s crack that the band had stolen their sartorial ideas from him. “Thanks to Q for inviting Adam Ant and making us all look like f***ing w***ers,” Champion said.

Chris Martin made it clear that he still carried a torch for Cerys Matthews, despite being married to one of the world’s most famous actresses. After collecting the best act title, Martin said: “About eight years ago we supported Catatonia and you let me hold your cigarette. I thought ‘maybe there is a chance’.”
Unlucky in love Cerys shot back: “There is a chance!”

After hearing that David Gilmour and Rick Wright had wanted to play Glastonbury, Martin took a swipe at Noel Gallagher’s Jay-Z dissing comments earlier in the year.
Martin told guest: “Pink Floyd at Glastonbury? I’m not having that.

Chatting to a reporter on the red carpet, Martin joked: "You should never count your chickens before they've been put in a KFC." Asked what the band would be doing next, he said: " Opening a restaurant and a couple of farms."

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